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Senior Software Engineer with extensive software development experience specializing in MS Windows. Extensive experience developing for the shrink wrap market. Additional experience in embedded firmware development for 8086 microprocessors.


Senior Software Engineer – Microsoft Windows Development


• Developed suite of NT Server database, network applications and services to support real time infrastructure of wireless RFID tags in time to meet custom installations.
• Rapidly developed Windows C++ graphics application to show proof of concept of startup company base product resulting in second round of VC funding
• Developed on time and bug free software modules for award winning Windows spreadsheet application, selling one million copies.
• Ported ‘C’ to Java office suite product to enhance roll out of Oracle Corporation's NC computer.
• Solely designed and developed flow-charting application in MS Windows as upgrade to older DOS based product.
• Extensive experience developing Windows GUI applications and server software, Win32 API.
• Experience developing board-level firmware on 8086 platform and embedded real-time operating systems such as PharLap and VRTX.


Languages:                   C, C++, SQL, Java, 808x assembler
Development Tools:     Visual Studio, Borland CBuilder, Bounds Checker, SourceSafe, CVS, PVCS
Technologies:               COM/DCOM, NT Services, TCP/IP, WinSock, OLE2, MFC, VCL.
Platforms:                    Win32 API, Windows 95 & 98, Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP, PharLap RTOS
Hardware Tools:          In-Circuit Emulators (ICE) for Intel processors, HP protocol analyzers
Methodologies:            Dynamic Link Library development, multi thread development
Management:               Strong team player. Excellent problem solving and presentation skills


Senior Consultant                           2001 – Present
• Developing Windows GUI front end interface to engine performance monitoring equipment in C++ including data communications, Win32 API.
• Developing Windows GUI for transmitter controller, controlling transmission parameters on television and radio transmitters.
• Porting x86 embedded system from VRTX to PharLap RTOS.
• Design and development of board level TCP/IP support for networking HVAC controllers
Principal Architect / Engineer        1997 – 2001
WhereNet Corp
• Developed Windows C++ application to load and display AutoCAD floor plans and show real-time positions of WhereNet tags, including pan/zoom capabilities.
• Designed and created a Software Development Kit for OEMs / partners as a set of Windows DLLs enabling easy to use interface to WhereNet’s RTLS software.
• Created suite of supporting NT Services for real-time data acquisition over TCP/IP to SQL database.  Initial security support utilizing Windows Security API.
• Developed miscellaneous applications for configuration management and custom installations.

Principal Engineer                          1996 - 1997
Oracle Corporation
• Developed a 100% Java presentation graphics applet, to be part of a mini-office suite on the Oracle NC platform. (Incorporated with a word processing applet)
• Software was designed, created and shipped in 18 month window, this during the very early days of Java.

Senior Software Engineer              1993 - 1996
Borland International
• Principal member of OLE2 team for Quattro Pro for Windows, developing server-side OLE2.
• Added properties (in-place naming, color) support for tabs on tabbed spreadsheet notebooks.
• Added sophisticated in cell editing support for QPW and other UI features.
• Ported 16 bit code to 32 bit Windows for Windows NT 4.0.
• Internationalization support
• Quattro Pro for Windows source code is approx. 1.5 million lines of C++ code, with some mixed assembler.

Senior Software Engineer              1991 - 1993
Patton & Patton Software Corporation
• Developed from ground up, P&P’s Windows Flow Charting 4 application for Microsoft Windows, a platform upgrade from their DOS based product.
• All code was developed in C++ and used a 3rd party C++ Windows class library (MFC was still under development at MS)
• Preliminary OLE2 design work.

Software Engineer                           1988 - 1991
Next Controls Great Britain
• Designed and developed Windows based graphics animated software application front-end for programming and controlling remote HVAC controllers.
• Telco data communications development
• Developed text based data-entry user interface for temperature monitoring hardware.

Firmware Engineer                           1982-1988
Margaux Controls
• Designed and created high quality end-user software on Apple II computers writing in XPL and 6502 assembler.
• Co designed first implementation of user interface software for text based IBM PC's using C language.
• Developed firmware for Low temperature refrigeration controllers.
• Designed and developed first use of INFA networking controllers and protocol for unit-to-unit communication.
• Added embedded support for modem dial-in and dial-outs for data logging transfers